Commercial Photo Gallery

Commercial Framing Drying

This construction site in Highland Park, sustained water damage to the framing during construction. Multiple floors were affected requiring more than 100 air movers to dry out the entire frame work. It was very important that all materials were dry prior to the insulation and drywall being put in to insure no microbial growth.

A River of Insulation

SERVPRO of Piscataway was called to clean up after water damage in a gymnasium in Somerset NJ. There was such a large amount of water from a broken pipe that the blown insulation flowed out the back door like a river.

Guest Accidentally Hit Sprinkler Head

SERVPRO of Piscataway was called to this hotel were a guest knocked into the sprinkler head and flooded multiple rooms. The maintenance staff began cleaning up with a broom and dust pan but quickly realized they would need professional help.

Office building flood in Somerset

This office building in Somerset opened to find a slip and slid in their hallway. they were delighted at the quick clean up so they could get back to work

Ingenuity at Work

We had a commercial building with double layer sub floor. A small area had been affected by a flood and the building owners did not want to remove the top layer. So we covered it with plastic that was sealed air tight and sent in warm dry air from a dehumidifier. It worked like a charm!

Commercial Services

We at SERVPRO of Piscataway can handle any loss big or small. Shown in the picture are our trucks at a 3 story commercial building. A broken water supply line on the top floor flooded all floors below. We had them dried out and back in business as quickly as possible.