Water Damage Photo Gallery

Crawl Space Flooded in Denville, NJ

We were called by the property management to this flooded crawl space. They were very happy when we told them we could pump out the water and ensure the space was dried properly. While there are many safety protocols to follow working in a confined space SERVPRO of Piscataway's technicians are well trained in this type of work.

Light Fixture Full of Water

SERVPRO of Piscatway was called to this house in Warren, NJ for a flood that affected the entire house. It is never a good sign when a fish can live in your light fixture. Before any mitigation work could begin the fire department shut off the main breaker to the electricity. 

Basement Waterfall

This is not the kind of waterfall you want to see in your house. Water had penetrated the concrete block foundation from a broken pipe in the wall. Once the water to the house was turned off we pumped out the basement.

Water Extraction

One of SERVPRO of Piscataway's certified technicians extracting water from a customers brand new carpet in their basement. The first step in repairing the damage from a broken pipe. We then place drying equipment to ensure all materials are dry and there will be no worries of any issues in the future.

Hardwood Floor Drying

SERVPRO of Piscataway can also take care of any specialty drying situations. The picture to the left is of our floor dying system which allows for the saving of hardwood floors affected by water.

Special Situations

Here are two of SERVPRO of Piscataway's certified technicians doing work in a clean room of a surgical center after a flood. We took every precaution to not further contaminate the area while the work was being performed.