Mold Remediation Photo Gallery

Air Flow Necessary

This photo was from underneath a set of basement stairs. There was no flood but humidity in the basement was at very high levels with no type of air flow. It is very important to have both a dehumidifier and air flow in damp basements

Hidden Mold

We were called to this Piscataway basement because the homeowner noticed a bad smell. They had a flood and thought there was no problem once the water on the floor was cleaned up but didn't realize that the walls were also affected. We had to do flood cuts all around.

Unwanted Basement Visitors

The owner of this South Plainfield, NJ home was shocked to find mushrooms growing on their basement carpet. We discovered a slow leak from a supply inside the wall which kept the carpet wet for some time. Once the pipe was repaired and remediation complete no more mushrooms.

Excess Humidity in South Plainfield, NJ Basement

A basement with high humidity levels went unchecked for too long and a layer of mold grew on anything organic like this wooden table. Once the remediation was complete we assisted the homeowner is setting up the proper sized dehumidifier to avoid this in the future.