Storm Damage Photo Gallery

Damage Caused by Fallen Tree

This home owner had a tree come down on their roof in Middlesex, NJ during a rain storm causing damage to not only the roof but also to the bedroom below. From tarping the roof to repairing the bedroom SERVPRO of Piscataway can handle the whole job.

Frozen Waterfall in Highland Park, NJ

During a polar vortex temperatures were near zero which caused a pipe to freeze on the third floor of this condo complex in Highland Park, NJ. SERVPRO of Piscataway arrived to find this ice waterfall and six units affected.

Flooded Gym in South Plainfield

During a severe freeze this gym sustained multiple pipe bursts which caused flooding in several rooms including the gym. They were very happy when we were able to have it dried out in time for weekend basketball games

Frozen Pipe Causes Damage

The homeowner of this house was very upset about the extent of damage caused to their home by a frozen pipe that burst during a  winter Jersey Nor'Easter. They were very pleased that we worked directly with their insurance to return their home to pre loss condition.

Raining Indoors

During a New Jersey cold snap a pipe in this house burst while the homeowner was away and water ran for several days before being shut off. By the time we were called in the weather had warmed up. When we arrived the humidity inside the house was so high that these beads of water had formed on several ceilings and it was literally raining inside their house. This homeowner learned a very valuable lesson, albeit a little late, that it is a good idea to shut the water to the house off at the main when leaving for vacation.

Heavy Rain Burns out Sump Pump

During very heavy thunderstorms the sump pump in this Piscataway basement was overworked and burned out. By the time we were called in there was over 2 feet of water in this basement. Before the sump pump could be replaced we had to pump out the water using a submersible pump so the plumber can access the area where the sump pump was located. Sadly, this homeowner was storing a lot of things in the basement which were ruined. He has since learned to store things off the floor and to use plastic totes instead of cardboard boxes. Better late than never!